Our thesis: Porting a training sim to Oculus Rift


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We were interested in exploring how gamification in combination with virtual reality could potentially improve the health care sector, so we contacted Sykehuset Østold (SiØ) to inquire about their interest.
At this time, the construction of the new hospital in Østfold was nearly finished. This hospital is using the latest technology and technique to improve the quality of their services, such as using Microsoft’s Kinect to monitor patients during the night. Over 4000 employees would have to become accustomed with the new routines, and with an area of over 85 000 m2 they would also have to spend a non-negligible amount of time on simply becoming familiar with the new building.
SiØ forwarded us to Attensi, who were developing training simulations for the employees who were moving to the new building.

Attensi develops simulation based training platforms in the form of serious games. They were interested in porting one of their games to Oculus Rift to see if using Virtual Reality (VR) could improve the learning potential of the end users.
The game’s purpose is to teach the employees the new hospital routines and architecture. The missions are designed for the possible roles an employee can have; the player selects their role upon starting the game and plays through one or more missions that are related to that role. A typical mission involves going to the wardrobe to change clothes before the shift starts, then finding their way to departments that are relevant to the role – for example psychiatric care and the pharmacy. Like in most games, audio and visual feedback as well as score positively reinforces the player.


The task included optimization and figuring out how to deal with motion sickness. The scene featured roughly 750 000 vertices, but we managed to get it running at a steady 75 FPS, even with 1300 draw calls; in some areas it was as high as 100 FPS. To “solve” motion sickness we implemented fast rotation, slow movement, and what is known as “comfort mode”.


Controller selection

ControllerSelectionChoose a controller









Showing which department the player is currently in


Choosing a role: Old



Choosing a role: New

ChooseRole_NewChoose a tour

NPC Tour

Full Tour

I want to explore


New Mission Objective


Your task:

Go to meeting room

Help Menu

Do you need help to find your way? Choose a type of aid, in exchange for stars [points]

Marking on map (-2 stars)

Marking on floor (-3 stars)

Teleport me (-4 stars)

Map: old



Map: New
Showing player location and goal


Task: Go to Psychiatric information counter

Points: 5

NPC Dialogue: Old


NPC Dialogue: New





Objective Score: Old

ObjectiveScore_OldCongratulations, you found your way to


Objective Score: New


Congratulations, you found your way to


Mission Complete



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